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JP-H0984388-A: Ac motor controller patent, JP-H0985484-A: Lead-free solder and packaging method using the same and packaged articles patent, JP-H0985695-A: Parts feeder patent, JP-H0985751-A: Die for molding of thermoplastic resin, molding method and molded body patent, JP-H0986231-A: 自動車用リヤシートバック取付構造 patent, JP-H098744-A: Bias system for avalanche photodiode patent, JP-H0988195-A: エキスパンションジョイント patent, JP-H0988932-A: 合成樹脂製なす環 patent, JP-H099184-A: Multi-vision patent, JP-H0992968-A: Soldering method and device patent, JP-H0993319-A: 無線通信端末装置 patent, JP-H0993503-A: 受信機 patent, JP-H0993642-A: 屋外phs基地局の保守制御システム patent, JP-H0993712-A: Method and apparatus for braking electric vehicle patent, JP-H0993752-A: Protector for wire harness patent, JP-H0993762-A: 結束バンド patent, JP-H0993921-A: 電源装置 patent, JP-H0993978-A: ブラシレスモータ patent, JP-H0994189-A: Electric vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H0994285-A: Self-sustainable bag for infusion patent, JP-H0994353-A: カート等の軽車両のシート支持構造 patent, JP-H0994723-A: Screwing condition setting method for automatic screwing device and automatic screwing device patent, JP-H0995128-A: Stopper structure of glass patent, JP-H0995227-A: Vehicular braking force control device patent, JP-H0995242-A: Rigidity changing device for steering system patent, JP-H0995645-A: 常温硬化性樹脂組成物 patent, JP-H0998222-A: Safety confirmation device patent, JP-H0998657-A: 穀物貯蔵設備 patent, JP-H0999374-A: Spot welding equipment patent, JP-H10100072-A: Tool for turning wrench patent, JP-H10100365-A: 印版の製造装置 patent, JP-H10100418-A: 圧電式インクジェットプリンタヘッド及び圧電式インクジェットプリンタヘッド用圧電体の製造方法 patent, JP-H10101544-A: Antioxidant and anti oxidant cosmetic patent, JP-H10102667-A: Unit type walking roof patent, JP-H1010497-A: マトリクス型表示装置の駆動回路 patent, JP-H10105424-A: Method for assigning ip address of duplex server patent, JP-H1010545-A: Manufacture of liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H10105845-A: 共同住宅共用部用火災受信機 patent, JP-H10105864-A: 右側通行または左側通行の自動検出方法および装置 patent, JP-H10105965-A: 磁気記録媒体の製造方法および装置 patent, JP-H10106340-A: Luminaire patent, JP-H10106393-A: ピアノハンドル式スイッチ patent, JP-H10106954-A: Sulfur doping method for gaas layer patent, JP-H1010697-A: 写真原稿収容容器及び写真原稿収容方法 patent, JP-H10107617-A: 周波数分周器回路 patent, JP-H10108656-A: Antioxidant patent, JP-H10109299-A: Shape of punch bit of punch patent, JP-H10109370-A: Water resistant honeycomb structural material and water resistant coating composition patent, JP-H10109624-A: トレーラの制動装置 patent, JP-H10110169-A: 難燃剤錠剤、それによる難燃化方法、並びにそれを配合してなる難燃性樹脂組成物及びその成形品 patent, JP-H1011059-A: 電子ピアノ patent, JP-H10110706-A: 回転式油圧アクチュエータ patent, JP-H10111197-A: Piezoelectric semiconductor pressure sensor and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H10112154-A: ディスクカートリッジ patent, JP-H10112743-A: 携帯電話装置 patent, JP-H10112934-A: Dc/dcコンバータ patent, JP-H10113113-A: 加熱蒸散装置 patent, JP-H10113935-A: 成型品製造時のピンゲート用突起除去方法 patent, JP-H10115018-A: プレキャスト製函体構造 patent, JP-H10115192-A: トンネル用床版取付装置 patent, JP-H10115779-A: 投影光学系 patent, JP-H10115944-A: Electrophotographic photoreceptor patent, JP-H1011673-A: 煙感知器 patent, JP-H10118852-A: Boring method for amorphous carbon base board patent, JP-H10119721-A: Theft preventing device for vehicle patent, JP-H10120356-A: Jig for pinching tubular member patent, JP-H10120578-A: Therapeutic and/or preventing agent comprising marine mineral component patent, JP-H10121286-A: Production of tinned steel sheet excellent in tin peeling resistance patent, JP-H10122236-A: 直線運動用ころがり軸受 patent, JP-H10122810-A: 磁気式回転角度センサ patent, JP-H10122930-A: 地下水の最高水位検知装置 patent, JP-H10123388-A: 複合レンズ及び複合レンズを備えた光学系 patent, JP-H10123477-A: 液晶プロジェクタ patent, JP-H10124064-A: Method and device for sound source waveform data generation patent, JP-H10124370-A: データ管理装置 patent, JP-H10124404-A: 記録再生装置 patent, JP-H10125068-A: Semiconductor device and system patent, JP-H10125329-A: Positive electrode plate and lead-acid battery patent, JP-H10125975-A: 磁気抵抗磁気センサの製造方法およびこの方法を用いて得られるセンサ patent, JP-H10126389-A: Coder and decoder patent, JP-H10127202-A: 観賞魚用水槽 patent, JP-H10127556-A: ポンプ装置 patent, JP-H10128426-A: デスケーリング方法 patent, JP-H10128707-A: 電動ステープラ patent, JP-H10129108-A: インクジェット記録材料用の表面塗工剤 patent, JP-H10130012-A: 四塩化珪素の製造方法 patent, JP-H10130258-A: Benzo(b)thiophene compound, intermediate, preparation and method patent, JP-H10131203-A: Anchor bolt support member patent, JP-H10131258-A: 水洗トイレ装置 patent, JP-H10131318-A: Gasket for internal corner joint patent, JP-H10132786-A: 質量分析装置 patent, JP-H10132834-A: 車輪速計測装置 patent, JP-H10133410-A: Double sided copying paper provided with jam preventing function patent, JP-H10134072-A: データ表示装置、データ表示方法、及びデータ表示制御プログラムを記録した媒体 patent, JP-H1013453-A: Data communication control method and data communication system patent, JP-H10134608-A: 車両用ランプ patent, JP-H10134664-A: Method for printing key top and structure of pad for use in same patent, JP-H10134761-A: Ion implantation device and method patent, JP-H10135147-A: 結晶薄膜の製造方法及び太陽電池の製造方法 patent, JP-H10135426-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and information processing system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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